Gold IRA Investments

“Your Retirement is in Jeopardy!”

Are you as concerned as I am with US monetary policy and state of the economy? Many financial experts and economists foresee an economic disaster in the near future for the US and your investments. Predictions range from a dollar or stock market collapse, to another recession, to hyperinflation.

I watched this video and became more concerned…

complimentary gold kit
Jim Sinclair, precious metals specialist and a commodities and foreign currency trader recently stated : “We are facing the annihilation of currency. We are facing the shift of America as the leading and most influential nation of the world to some form of banana republic. . . . If it wasn’t for food stamps, we would be facing long lines of people waiting for free food.” For gold, everything hinges on the U.S. dollar, and Sinclair says, “I think the dollar gets hammered. I believe we are headed for hyperinflation.” One of the many black swans, according to Sinclair, is the possible abandonment of the U.S. dollar by Saudi Arabia. If Saudi Arabia stopped selling oil only in U.S. dollars, what would that do to the buying power of the buck? Sinclair says gasoline would be “$10 a gallon very soon, without a doubt.” How high will the price of gold go? Sinclair predicts that by 2016, “Gold will be $3,200 to $3,500 an ounce.” Source: Is this just fear mongering, or does he see the writing on the wall?

May I Make a Suggestion?

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Note: I researched the heck out of gold investment firms before I pulled the trigger with Regal. There’s just no way that I’ll allow myself or my readers to get burned on their precious metals investments.

As of this writing, US debt is at a staggering $17,000,000,000,000.00 that’s $17 trillion, the Federal Deficit is a mere $973 Billion and the Fed is printing money at the leisurely pace of $85 billion a month. It’s no economic picnic in Europe either and China may have issues as well. As scary as the future sounds, there is one investment that most of these experts and even billionaires agree on in times like these, and that is gold and silver.

So Why Gold?

Gold has been considered to be not only a currency, but a store of value, aka money for thousands of years. Governments can debase currencies through over printing (sound familiar?) and inflation is generally the result. Gold is money and maintains its value in times of inflation.

If your investments are strictly paper, that is stocks, mutual funds, bonds etc. they can suffer the ravages of inflation or be wiped out over night. Remember Gold and silver are both up over 400% since 2001! Gold, throughout the centuries has held a special place with man. The yellow metal has been used as money for 5000 years and unlike currencies, has held value the whole time.

The US Dollar on the other hand is a fiat currency and loses more of its value every day. The paper in your wallet has no intrinsic value and since 1971 is not backed by gold. The dollar is only backed by the credit of the US Government. Doesn’t that make you confident? Now the dollar is not the first fiat currency doomed to failure. Every fiat currency ever devised has failed. Why? Because governments though out time could not resist the urge to print more currency. When a currency is not backed by gold for example, a government feels free to create more “money” out of thin air.

I’m not necessarily buying precious metals to get wealthy, I’m buying gold and silver to preserve and protect everything I’ve worked so hard for…” John VanOoyen

The problem is that the more currency a government prints, the more devalued the paper becomes. And at some point, the public loses confidence and flees from it. This is the precursor to hyperinflation and when even more massive currency printing takes place as the government tries to keep itself afloat.

While hyperinflation is by no means a certainty, many experts say that it is a very good possibility. Hyperinflation effectively destroys your purchasing power and the value of your savings and investments. Virtually anything valued in the fiat currency becomes worthless. Only those who own real assets, hard currencies and precious metals will avoid major losses.

This brings us back to gold. A devalued dollar increases the value of gold and other commodities by increasing the purchase power of non-dollar using countries. Gold also increases in value with a weak dollar as investors drive the price up looking for a new store of value. Even billionaires and money managers including Jim Rogers, John Paulson, David Einhorn, Seth Klarman are stocking up on gold as we speak. Do they know something you don’t know?

  • Gold is money.
  • Gold is tangible.
  • Gold has real world uses
  • Gold cannot be manufactured
  • Gold cannot be deleted from a computer
  • Gold is a hedge against inflation and economic collapse

3 Steps to Begin Securing Your Financial Future:

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If you have basic questions regarding gold backed IRAs, our Gold IRA FAQ is a good place to start. For investors who have already decided to add gold to their retirement portfolio, finding a trusted and competent firm to facilitate your transactions is vitally important. We have information on finding Gold IRA Companies as well.

Gold IRA Overview

A Gold IRA is simply a retirement account that holds approved precious metal bullion and coins instead of “paper” investments. The metals are held by a third party in a secure facility on your behalf. Currently Gold, Silver and Platinum American Eagle coins, Australian Kookaburra coins, Canadian Maple Leaf coins, as well approved bars and rounds are IRS approved for a Self Directed Gold Coins IRA.

Gold Thrives in Uncertain Economic Times

The last decade or so has been painful for the individual investors. From the internet stock and real estate bubbles bursting, the post 911 crash and most recently the great recession, chances are your individual retirement account has taken a huge hit. And the future appears very uncertain for those invested in traditional stocks.

Historically, gold has moved counter to the direction of stocks, bonds and mutual funds. Gold is the ultimate asset and is the purest form of money. We’re no talking about just another paper asset, but actual physical gold that’s held on your behalf. Governments can’t devalue it and it has no board of directors, politicians or central bankers to tinker with its value. That’s why gold has preserved investors’ purchasing power over the last 5000 years, surviving every economic crisis. Your portfolio could be at risk due to sketchy FED policy and volatile markets. A Gold IRA may help you attain the safety and profitability you want for your retirement investments. We are dedicated to helping you learn about the benefits of Precious Metal IRAs as well introduce you to the top rated companies that will facilitate the process.

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